V.I.P. Bucket & a Freebie

I completely fell in love with the idea of having a V.I.P. table bucket after seeing a pin of Primarily Speaking's V.I.P. bucket on Pinterest. Too cute!

I especially love that this reward is something that can be used over and over again. I stopped using a treasure box about two years ago, because I just got tired of trying to find things to fill it up with all the time. The V.I.P. bucket is a perfect reward for students because it is an "experience" that not just anyone can have! Adults pay big bucks at clubs, sporting events, and restaurants for extra special experiences... so I know my students will l-o-v-e getting to use this extra special table bucket.

To start off I made sure that each item I put in the bucket was something that was NOT on their supply list, so it would feel extra special when they got a chance to use it.
Here's what's in my bucket:

1. Scented markers
2. Guest book... so everyone can see who has gotten access to V.I.P. treatment!
3. Twistable colored pencils... instead of boring regular colored pencils. 
4. Glitter markers
5. Blue glitter glue
6. Mechanical pencils... 100% not allowed in kid's pencil boxes.
7. Silly puddy
8. Mini stapler
9. Neon white board markers... everyone else uses only black!
10. Giant highlighter 
11. Giant blue eraser 
12. Flame scissors 
13. Scentos gel pens... I even bought a set for myself.

To earn the special V.I.P. treatment I will be looking for kids who are filling buckets or making improvements on our "super improver" wall. Since the V.I.P. bucket includes a "guest list" I will easily be able to check and see who has had a turn. 

 When a student does earns the V.I.P. treatment they will get to wear the V.I.P. PASS necklace. I plan on giving out the V.I.P. treatment about two or three times a week. I know that if everyone gets it right away the novelty will wear off quickly! I even made a little note that kids can take home to share with their families about why they earned the V.I.P. treatment! Click {here} for the freebie!