Top 5 iPad Apps: Math Facts

I'm so excited to share some of my favorite apps with you today! I have spent many hours on my iPad searching for the perfect apps for my second graders. It's important to me that students are spending their time doing meaningful activities when they are using the iPads. Here are my top 5 favorite apps that focus on math facts. These apps are so much fun, kids will forget they are even doing math! 

 My second graders are cra-zy for Pet Bingo. Kids answer math fact questions to make a bingo. After they score a bingo they get to add a pet to their screen. They can also use their points to "buy" things for their pets.

Freefall math facts is an app kids will love to play over and over again. The app is very interactive. Students type answers to questions, as well as pull down facts to match their answer. Once they answer a certain amount of questions they get to add a fish to their aquarium.

This app is amazing! If you have a limited amount of devices in your classroom this app will be one of your favorites. With this app two students can play at the same time! Kids can choose between verse mode or practice mode. You can also choose if you want the math facts questions to go to 10, 20, 50 or 100.

Eggy add and subtract has sooo many fun games to choose from! Each game has a different interactive way to practice facts and will keep kids engaged for the entire center time block.

I just recently found this app and am in love! It is an app created by my favorite teaching store, Lakeshore! The first- second grade app you can choose to practice addition, subtraction, money, and time. The third- fourth grade app has the categories multiplication, division, rounding, and fractions. The way the game works is that the math question is at the bottom of the screen, and the player has to pop the balloon that has the correct answer. Too much fun!

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