Target Dollar Spot

If you are like me, then you might have about died if you have been to Target lately. This sight made me feel a little woozy. I start back August 5th... like as in one month from this Sunday! As I walked away from this display in my yoga pants... thinking that soon I will have to wear real clothes again... I realized that just maybe the dollar spot would have some teacher treats! 

As I got to the front of the store I saw a swarm of people digging through bins... I knew my chances were good! 

Oh my cuteness! The back to school dollar deals were out! I probably went through each bin two times. I made eye contact with another woman who had a cart full of deals and we totally had a teacher connection moment where we were both thinking, "Isn't this stuff so cute!? I know I'm so excited too!" 

Here's my loot!

1. Cute getting to know you questions cards. I'm going to use these during the first week of school.

2. Pencil tins to hold my "sharp" and "dull" pencils. Mr. Fancy, " Do you really need ANY MORE tins?" Me, "insert teacher look."

3. Insect fact cards. A teammate of mine got these cards a few years ago, and I almost died when I found them! In the Spring we use these cards to write insect reports. 

4. Magnetic composition themed notepad. 

5. Non-fiction insect books.

6. Cute pencils for rewards and birthdays. 

7.Birthday stickers.

8. Birthday bookmarks.

I also picked up a ton of these adorable window clings. My classroom door has a small window on it and I love to decorate it!

Oh dollar spot... you sure add up to a lot of dollars! Another win for Target's marketing psychology!

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