Book Talk Tuesday: Dragons Love Tacos

Last year my class was in LOVE with the book Dragons Love Tacos. I'm pretty sure I read this book at least 10 times... add another 100 for how often students listened to it at the listening center. This story is super silly and will crack your class up.

In my classroom my students made the connection between dragons having a taco party and "the pigeon" wanting a hot dog party. Both main characters love foods that kids love.

After reading both stories we graphed if we would rather have a hot dog or taco party. To end the activity we filled in a cute little data analysis sheet. Enjoy! 

Click (here) for the freebie

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I have been teaching for eight years, and have taught kindergarten- 4th grade. I currently teach in at an amazing school with great kids and wonderful parents. I am so fortunate to do what I love every day.

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 Frank is seriously the most loved dog on the planet! He is treated like an only child, spoiled little baby. Mr. Fancy and I got married in 2013. He is my best friend and my biggest supporter. We stay very busy between work, church, and decorating our first home. 
 Mr. Fancy is the name I have named my husband for the purpose of this blog. I think it suits him well. I am sometimes envious of him when his job allows him to eat at fancy restaurants for lunch, talk to adults during the day, and take trips. Not like trips to the zoo or aquarium, but the kind where his business pays for everything and he gets to stay in ritzy hotels. 
As tempting as those Fancy perks are I would never trade jobs with him. I love teaching and can't imagine doing anything else. I have wanted to be a teacher since I was in the first grade. I loved my first grade teacher Mrs. Demonte so much... I dreamed about being in charge of her classroom and getting to write on her chalkboard with yellow chalk in the special chalk holder.

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